Dr Nic

I create web apps

I work at Engine Yard,
I have contributed to over 100 open source projects, and I love talking at conferences.

Here is a small selection of the
open source projects I have
worked on over the years


  • Hudson.rb

    83 32 CLI for working with Hudson CI, the sweet CI platform.
  • RoR TextMate bundle

    83 32 Ruby on Rails TextMate bundle
  • New Gem

    83 32 New Gem Generator for RubyGems
  • ChocTop

    83 32 ChocTop packages and deploys anything in a customized OS X DMG.
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Engine Yard orchestrates your successful Rails app

Engine Yard

Develop business-critical applications without worrying about application deployment, management and scaling. Engine Yard provides a smooth path from 100 users to 100,000 users and professional support and advice from Rails experts 24/7.

Mocra is a Ruby on Rails consultancy based in sunny Brisbane, Australia


Mocra is run by myself and employs some of the best Rails talent in Australia. Mocra has projects worldwide including clients in the United States of America, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom. Contact Mocra for a free-of-charge introductory meeting to discuss your project.

Probably, if you ask someone to name creative jobs, they will respond things like musician, writer, or painter. However, only a few people know that it also includes software development. In fact, it really is creative because there is a need for you to develop something which was not yet existing. Of course, due to the recent technology today, computers are very important, which means that a software is in demand. People need a software that could definitely make life easier, faster, and better. And as what Marc Andreessen said, "Software is Eating the World!"

Furthermore, the return is much more enough because it pays well. Of course, you are paid for what you rendered. However, being a software developer needs more skills. It cannot just be thought in the four walls of the classroom. There is a need to undergo an internship startup so that every aspect of such career could be assessed thoroughly. You need to learn more, most especially from experts. If you want to prosper in your job, then you should have been to the first step. And finally, it should be noted that the more the knowledge about the field, the more there is a probability to become a successful software developer.

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